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    Get Bitcoin rewards via email with every purchase, referral, or follow.

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    Save, spend, or redeem your Bitcoin rewards for products and exclusive offers.

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    Get 6% Bitcoin cashback when paying with Bitcoin.

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    Get 1% Bitcoin cashback when paying with fiat.

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    Share with friends to receive Bitcoin on their first purchase.

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    Monetize your network and grow alongside our brand.

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How do I sign up to earn Bitcoin rewards?

Be sure to opt-in to the rewards program by selecting "Email me with news and offers" during checkout. You'll receive an email with your rewards and loyalty program details.

Don't forget to claim them!

What are sats?

Sats, short for Satoshis, are the smallest unit of Bitcoin. Just like there are 100 cents in a dollar, there are 100 million Satoshis in a single Bitcoin. As you shop with us and earn Bitcoin back, you'll be accumulating sats in your rewards balance. This allows you to easily track your rewards and take the future of money for a test drive!

What can I do with my rewards?

You can save, spend, or withdraw your rewards to your own Bitcoin wallet at any time.

What is Oshi?

Oshi is a rewards platform where you earn Bitcoin back on daily purchases from our global network of local businesses. Effortlessly accumulate rewards, support local shops, and explore the world of Bitcoin with Oshi. Welcome to your new gateway for Bitcoin rewards!

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