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Team Bitcoin Basketball Jersey Satoshi Nakamoto 21 Hodlers Official


Team Bitcoin Basketball Jerseys

NEW! Limited-edition, (only 121) authentic jerseys. Hodlers Official's first basketball jersey collection

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Team Bitcoin Baseball Jersey Satoshi Nakamoto 09 Hodlers Official

Genesis Collection

Team Bitcoin Baseball Jerseys

Commemorates January 3rd, 2009, the day the legendary Satoshi Nakamoto mined the Bitcoin Genesis Block!

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About Us

Hodlers Official Team Bitcoin jerseys serve as a memento for this special era of Bitcoin's story!
Hodlers Official is a Canadian Team Bitcoin merchandise company founded in 2023, and the creators of the Team Bitcoin baseball jerseys, and now basketball jerseys too!
Designed & manufactured with real Proof-of-Work. For all our collections we prioritize quality & fit. Featuring sharp, clean designs that serve as a symbol for freedom, grabbing the attention of other Bitcoiners wherever you go. Crafted with full embroidery on the entire front logo, name-bar and numbers, Hodlers Official authentic Team Bitcoin jerseys are the ultimate merchandise item for Bitcoin's biggest fans!